Renting a mailbox is so much more than simply having someone to take care of your mail. There are advantages to both businesses and individuals from having a fixed address for correspondence.

You can rent a physical box with 24-hour access, or have all your mail forwarded to a different address anywhere in the world.

Business mailbox rental

Small companies can really benefit from the credibility that a fixed address in a city centre location provides. Business mailboxes offer the ideal solution for home-based businesses selling products through a website – many online shoppers look for the reassurance of a business address.

1. Cost
Business mailbox rental offers small businesses many of the advantages of renting office space, without the price tag and overheads.

2. Prestige
Impress your clients with a central St Albans mailbox address, without the expense of renting office space.

3. Working from home?
You don’t always want to let your clients know that you work from home. Renting a mailbox can give the illusion of a fixed office, without the costs.

4. Reassure your clients with a fixed address
Whether you provide a face-to-face service or sell products through a website, your clients like the reassurance of a business address for correspondence.

5. Privacy
Keep your home address private from your clients. No-one relishes the thought of a client turning up on their doorstep!

Personal Mailbox rental

Renting a personal mailbox provides security and privacy for your mail as well as the convenience of having someone available to accept delivery of parcels while you are at work.

1. Peace of mind
Your post is kept safe and secure and processed by our fully trained staff. You don’t have to worry about it arriving in an empty house, or couriers asking your neighbours to sign for valuable or private parcels.

If you live in shared accommodation or a block of flats, this can be the ideal solution to prevent your post and parcels going missing.

2. Convenience
We all have busy lives and the last thing we want to do is spend the day at home waiting for a courier delivery. Your St Albans mailbox service will sign for your delivery for you and ensure that you receive it as soon as possible.

3. Moving Abroad?
Many people who are moving abroad also choose to keep an address in the UK for correspondence. We can collate your post safely and send it onto you.

4. Temporary address
If you are staying at a temporary address, or you move house frequently, a personal mailbox offers the convenience of having a fixed address for all your correspondence.

5. Privacy
A personal mailing address can help protect your privacy. If you receive sensitive data or documents in the post, you need to know that there is someone to receive it and ensure it gets to you safely.

The Workstation offers mailbox rental in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Contact us for more information on this and our other virtual office solutions.