The Unexpected Perks of Coworking

All across the internet, on Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs just like this one, the perks of coworking are much publicised; working in a shared space means a better work/life balance, a chance to network with other small businesses and provides respite from the solitude or – perhaps even worse – the distractions of home. But

Setting Up a Limited Company – FAQs

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to take the next step with your business or a totally new enterprise ready and raring to go, you’re bound to have questions about setting up your limited company.

So here we’ve put together a list of some of the most common queries and answered them. We hope it helps.

Why Should

The Business of Back-To-School Time

Pencils are being sharpened, rucksack straps tightened and shoes are being squished at the toe – all ready for the imminent start of the school year.

But it’s not just children and teachers who need to get ready for a fresh start in September…

Back-to-school time also signals a significant point in the small business calendar, as